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Toronto veterinary clinic Yonge Street Animal Hospital is located between Eglinton & Lawrence at 2586 Yonge Street, with parking available in rear.

Annual Veterinary Check-Up

Yonge Street Animal Hospital - Yonge Eglinton Veterinary Clinic

At Toronto veterinary clinic, Yonge Street Animal Hospital, we're inclined to believe, as so many of our clients do, that our four-footed companions transcend friendship to become family. And like family, they need to be taken care of starting with an annual check-up including physical, blood tests, dental, etc.

Perhaps the best way to think of an annual check-up for your cat or dog is as a "wellness exam" or healthcare maintenance and management that starts from the presumption that your pet is healthy, in other words, what we would consider an annual physical exam for ourselves.

Yonge Street Animal Hospital - Toronto Veterinary Clinic

Whether a feline or canine patient, the protocol is routine, typical and similar for each species. During the wellness exam you can expect your veterinarian to ask about your pet's diet, exercise, breathing, thirst, elimination patterns and other general quality of life circumstances. Beyond the oral examination, physical component of the exam typical starts with weight, walking and standing, whether your pet appears bright and alert, coat condition, skin, eyes, nose, face, ears mouth and teeth.

Beyond the oral and physical exam components, your vet will also listen to both the heart and lungs (breathing) to ensure no underlying issues. And finally, your vet will palpate or feel specific areas of the animal including but not limited to the pulse, lymph nodes, legs, abdomen and other areas around the kidneys, stomach and liver.

Following the check-up and exam, your Yonge Street Animal Hospital veterinarian will typically make preventive medication recommendations and treatment suggestions including for example, updating vaccinations, parasite control including fleas, ticks, internal parasites and heartworm and any weight management issues identified. Depending on your pet's age, blood work may also be required.

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To schedule your next Toronto veterinary clinic, Yonge Street Animal Hospital appointment or annual check-up for your pet or should you have a question about any veterinary or emergency veterinary clinic procedures or services including spaying, neutering, care and management or dentistry, please contact us at 647-846-6806 or complete our veterinary appointment request form. We are pleased to offer early morning, late evening Saturday morning hours for your convenience.

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