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Toronto veterinary clinic Yonge Street Animal Hospital is located between Eglinton & Lawrence at 2586 Yonge Street, with parking available in rear.

Dog Teeth - Pet Dentistry

Dog Teeth Yonge Street Animal Hospital - Yonge Eglinton Veterinary Clinic

Taking care of your pet's teeth, particularly for dogs is a necessary part of general pet healthcare and management. As with humans, oral health is paramount to overall good health. A cleaning regimen and regular oral examinations are the first step in protection and care and brushing your best furry friend's teeth, while optimal, may not always be possible.

As with humans, dog's have two sets of teeth, upper and lower. While humans primarily depend on strong teeth for eating, for dogs, teeth also facilitate grooming and defense. And like humans, baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. We share in common canine teeth or incisors or fangs.

Dog Dentistry - Yonge Street Animal Hospital - Toronto Veterinary Clinic

Gum disease in dogs or pets travels a similar path to that of humans in the sense that decay and disease can be in evidence early in life and progress to becoming debilitating and affecting overall healthcare. Early warning signs of oral disease in your canine companion may include bad doggy breath, excessive drooling, inflamed gums, tumors or growths, and teeth that are loose or fall out.

It makes sense then that a general exam of your pet will also include oral health. Beyond the oral and physical exam components, your vet will also listen to both the heart and lungs (breathing) to ensure no underlying issues. And finally, your vet will palpate or feel specific areas of the animal including but not limited to the pulse, lymph nodes, legs, abdomen and other areas around the kidneys, stomach and liver.

On discovering progressive and severe gum disease, your vet may recommend cleaning in a clinic environment with your pet under anaethesia. While surgery of any sort or putting your pet "under" possesses inherent risks, post-cleaning you can expect quality of life for your pet will not in any way be impeded. Careful maintenance, management and monitoring to ensure against infection are the post-treatment protocol.

In addition to cleaning and management, chew toys and hard food also play an assisting role in management your dog's overall oral health. Dog Teeth Cleaning - Veterinary Clinic Toronto - Yonge Street Animal Hospital

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