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Toronto veterinary clinic Yonge Street Animal Hospital is located between Eglinton & Lawrence at 2586 Yonge Street, with parking available in rear.

Pet Spaying & Neutering

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In layman's terms, having your dog, cat, puppy or kitten "fixed" means having them spayed or neutered, a minimally invasive surgical procedure for sterilization. Beyond pet population control, having your puppy or kitten fixed can offer quality of life benefits including but not limited to a lowered rate of mammary and genital organ cancers or other possible infections.

While "neutering" can be and is often used interchangeably between genders, from a clinical or medical perspective, neutering refers to castration and thus is used in describing male sterilization. Conversely, spaying refers to the removal of female sexual reproductive organs.

Cat Spaying - Yonge Street Animal Hospital - Toronto Veterinary Clinic

While there is no specific timeline in having your pet neutered, younger is always better as with any surgical procedure. Before undertaking any surgical procedure, your Yonge Street Animal Hospital veterinarian team will ensure the overall health of your pet with a general exam. During the wellness exam you can expect your veterinarian to ask about your pet's diet, exercise, breathing, thirst, elimination patterns and other general quality of life circumstances. Beyond the oral examination, the physical component of the exam typically starts with weight, walking and standing, whether your pet appears bright, alert and engaged, his or her coat condition, skin, eyes, nose, face, ears mouth and teeth.

Beyond the oral and physical exam components, your vet will also listen to both the heart and lungs (breathing) to ensure no underlying issues. And finally, your vet will palpate or feel specific areas of the animal including but not limited to the pulse, lymph nodes, legs, abdomen and other areas around the kidneys, stomach and liver.

While surgery of any sort possesses inherent risks, post-surgery you can expect quality of life for your pet will not in any way be impeded by spaying. From surgery through recovery is typically 10 days, with careful management and monitoring to ensure against infection.

Dog Spaying - Veterinary Clinic Toronto - Yonge Street Animal Hospital

To schedule your Toronto veterinary clinic, Yonge Street Animal Hospital appointment or should you have a question about any veterinary including spaying or emergency veterinary clinic procedure please contact us at 647-846-6806 or complete our veterinary appointment form. We offer early morning, late evening Saturday morning hours for your convenience.

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